Sunday, February 28, 2010

i heart faces: Hilarious Outtakes: Week 9

When I saw this was the topic, I just had to add my two favorite funny pictures that just happened at the right moment.

Lucy went through a phase where she was CONSTANTLY making this face. IF you said anything to her, you got this look in response.

And just as I was about to take this picture of my nephew, my SIL reached in to get a boogie. Face it, if you are a mom, you've DONE this. That's why it CRACKED me up!

I know there will be lots of entries and I bet some seriously funny ones!

Saturday, February 27, 2010

Lethbridge Engagement Photographer

i love this one!
Thanks guys it was fun!!! Can't wait for your wedding!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

I NEED your HELP!!

I take pictures. And I love doing it. A Lot!!

I first started out in College when I was in my program (finally finding one I liked after trying out 3 before that....) of Advertising and Public Relations.
In that program there is a photography class with a teacher named Kevin. Back then (ouch I sound old!) it was Dark room and film and developing with stinky chemicals. It was COOL!!! It was mostly taking pictures of events and learning to not be afraid to stand up in front of a room and take pictures of the main event. Which has served me well. It doesn't embarrass me at all now!

I took pictures now and then but didn't really fall in LOVE with photography yet.

While living in Nova Scotia I had started taking a lot more pictures. We had a nice little point and shoot digital Cannon given to us (or more correctly to our soon to be born first child so that Grandma and Grandpa would get some pictures of him). I realized again that I like it and I loved when I got a good shoot.

Fast forward a few years and a whole pile of photos later and a good friend asked me if I would take pictures at her wedding..... I didn't have a good camera and even our point and shoot digital was on the fritz from so much use. She found a film SLR camera and I used it at her wedding. And realized I LOVED taking pictures like this.

We moved home to Alberta for Medical School and I convinced Regan to let me spend some of our school fund on an DSLR. And then I started taking pictures a LOT. Of everything and everyone. I LOVED it. The more I took the better I got at it. I read lots of books and started looking at photographers on line to see what I could learn.

A few people started asking me if I wanted to get paid for it. And I entered that field with trepidation. There is lots I don't know about photography. Technically I make mistakes all the time. I have wanted to do some mentoring with someone for a long time. But being in med school doesn't exactly pay well. (In fact we pay THEM a lot of money!) And going to one on one teaching or seminars costs moola - most of the time lots of moola.

I have come a long way since I started. But I feel like I can do better. I want to do better and really work on perfecting my art. I need someone to teach me and guide me openly and honestly about where I can improve and what I can do better on. Enter a giveaway... I have the chance to win a mentoring session with one of my favorite photographers (and I actually even know her from my time in Nova Scotia where she was serving a mission)

About the session:
"“For the Love of Photography” includes:
-Weekend private mentor session

(2 hrs. on Friday evening and 2 hrs. on Saturday… one on one in the office discussing what YOU need to learn. Camera techniques, creativity, editing, or business.)
-Private photography session of yourself! (sat.)

Yep! You’ll be in front of the camera! This is good for a number of reasons. You get to understand what its like for those you photograph, you might learn a few things while I’m directing you, and of course, chances might be that you just might not have very many photos of YOU! Need a new stellar shot of yourself for your blog or facebook? An about page? We’ve got you covered!
-Model session of your choice (family, kids, seniors, couples) where we shoot side by side. (sat.)

You can watch how I approach a shoot and direct people, as well as take the reigns yourself and have the opportunity in a non-pressure atmosphere to ask questions and treat the session as a photography lesson experience. Afterward, we’ll come back and do a quick edit session to a few images and you can see the workflow process of post production."

oh I want to win SO BAD!!!! 100 people are in for it. You guys could help me out by going here and voting for me.

Just think, if you are going to get me to take YOUR pictures then helping me get this would help you, cause it will make me better than I am NOW.... KWIM??? :)

Each computer can only vote once.... Oh pretty please!!!!! Will you do this for me???? With cherries on top??

Monday, February 22, 2010

Monday, February 8, 2010

i heart faces - week 6: we heart kisses

One of my favorite kissing shots for the I love Faces Photo Challenge today.


Thursday, February 4, 2010

Lethbridge Newborn Photographer: Baby Myles

Myles was a little doll!!! And momma was soo relaxed (which is GREAT!)
(So do you like seeing the folds or better all black??)
Momma came with all this stuff cause she wanted a picture like this.
The CD will be ready for you pronto Tisha!

Lethbridge Family Photographer: The Walburger Clan

This was a big group (Which I shy away from) but it worked out cause of the cool location! And it was not too cold especially since then had a heater pointing right at the kids.
A little bit country effect...
All the grandkids (quite a group of them!) Cool sleigh eh??
All the men
All the ladies
Just the Walburger kids
And a few of one little family too...