Friday, September 21, 2007


A quick photoshoot with Laura who was staying with us from good ol' Nova Scotia.
Even though she said she didn't like having her picture taken, I think it was pretty quick, painless and even a little fun.


Heather M. said...

They are AWESOME!!!! Love the one of her with Lucy! Too cute!

The Nelson Family said...

Love these pictures.....I've been hoping that you would post them as she told me you did a little photo shoot. I think they turned out awesome!!!! I wish I could pack up my family and come out there for a photo do such an amazing job!!!!

LindsayB said...

so cute! i was like oh what a cute little girl she has, and then i had to look a littel closer...LUCY!!! (your friend looks to young to have a baby i right or way off) lucy looks so grown up!

The Bing's said... made my little sister look good!!!hahha you are amazing!!!hahhaa!! Honestly though you are amazing and those pictures are beautiful...the second one I think makes her eyes look so pretty!! The one of her with lucy is pretty adorable too!!!