Monday, March 17, 2008

Sherri and John's Wedding Part 1

It was a freeeeezing day in Banff. Beautiful snow.
Beautiful mountains.
Beautiful bride!
I thought it was sooo cool that they brought their skates and wanted to skate!!


threecows said...

nice! i particularly like numbers 3 & 5.

TJ Aneca said...

Wow, Rhonda! You did such a fabulous job on the pictures. I love them.

JA Crew said...

love the photos!!

LindsayB said...

rhonda these are amazing. the snow is BEAUTIFUL. WOW!

pattimillerphoto said...

Rhonda these are Gorgeous!! what fun with the snowy wedding!! You go girl! :)

Heather M. said...

These are such pretty photos! I love the skating ones and then the pretty snow falling!
They must have been freezing!