Friday, March 6, 2009

a Few more Combs family

This day she sat in the back of a truck (thanks to her hubby and a brother in law)
three days later she delivered a baby girl named Bridgett

All the grandkids (Except the new Bridgett.)

A fun game in grandpa's shop....

And another of the young and in love....

and just cause i love this one so much, another variation


Fawns Family said...

sorry I was trying to say the comment was from me Virginia on the previous post and not my husband kevin. I am Virginia and we named our daughter Bridgett!! Sorry the way it was written makes it look like her name was Virginia. I love the pics so far! from Virginia:)

Carolyn said...

It looks like it was a fantastic shoot! I absolutely love the textures you're using. Especially the "film" frame! Did you make that Rhonda?